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Rainbow Quran Supplier

rainbow quran, rainbow quran supplier
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Rainbow Quran Supplier

Assalamu'alaikum Rainbow Quran Lover, today we will share information about Rainbow Quran Supplier. This information will tell you about all thing you need if you want purchase Rainbow Quran for resell or gift. We will tell you about Where you can buy, Price, Minimum order for Wholesaler, Payment, Delivery and Lead time and how you can buy Rainbow Quran with Safety. This informations will answer your question about Rainbow Quran Supply.

We will start with introducing our company and our experienced in Distributing and Supply of Rainbow Quran.

#1 Rainbow Quran Supplier

We are company in publishing and distributing Rainbow Quran based on Indonesia with name Atha International Publishing. We have tagline Publisher and Supplier Ummah. Our passion is how to be the best partner for you in distributing and supply with honestly and care.

We have distributing many copies of Quran over the world and we have many partner in many country. Alhamdulillah, we are the biggest and most reliable Rainbow Quran Supplier with high reputation.

We also provides other moslem stuff like Customize Quran, Quran Table, Tasbeeh or Prayer Beads, Prayer Outfit, Prayers Set, Souvenir and Gift, etc.

Price and Discount of Rainbow Quran

We are separated Price of Rainbow Quran based on Quantity order because we provides retailer and wholesaler (bulk) order. Each purchasment have each discount depends quantity order, We will give disount depends your quantity order. Price of Quran and other stuff will convert to your currency.

Minimum Order of Rainbow Quran

This is important information who many people ask about minimum order of Rainbow Quran. We separated order for retailer and wholesaler or reseller. For Retailer there is No minimum Order. For Wholesaler and Reseller there is Minimum order, minimum order is start for 60 Quran, 100 Quran, 150 Quran, 200 Quran, 300 Quran, 400 Quran, 500 Quran, 1000 Quran, and more.

Payment of Rainbow Quran Order

As the biggest of Rainbow Quran Supplier provides most completed payment methode, we accept payment using ;

  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Western Union
  • Moneygram
  • Xpress Money

Delivery of Rainbow Quran

We deliver Rainbow Quran to more than 200 Country over the world. We have good partnership with global and famous Curier Company like DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, EMC and etc. We will help you found cheapest shipping cost to your door.

Lead Time Delivery of Rainbow Quran

Lead Time of Delivery need 4-7 days. Parcel will send directly to your address. Its very efficent for you, just wait in your home, parcell will send to your door.

Procedure of  Rainbow Quran Order

We also share procedure how to buy Rainbow Quran with safety for you. please check chart below

  1. Contact Us by Phone, Whats app or Email
  2. Choose how many Quantity order  
  3. Negociate about Price
  4. Choose Courier Company
  5. Give Details address and contact number for delivery
  6. Choose Payment Methode
  7. Do Payment
  8. Confirmation of Payment
  9. Preparing or Loading of Parcel
  10. Booking of Shipment
  11. Send Parcel
  12. Customer will get online Tracking Number
  13. Customer can track of shipment progress
  14. Parcel Delivered in Good Condition
  15. Done

Every Year, Before Ramadhan  We are open partnership for people and store who want resell Rainbow Quran and Other Stuff in other country.

Just Contact Reliable Supplier if you want get your parcell safety because many Scammer who didnt have responsibelity will offer very good price but they never send your parcel.

Have any question about Rainbow Quran Supply, please contact Rainbow Quran Supplier Contact

We also Provide Partnership Quran Publishing in other Model and Size

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