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Rainbow Quran News : Info and Reviews Center

Rainbow Quran, Rainbow Quran News, Rainbow Quran Info, Rainbow Quran Reviews, Rainbow Quran Center
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Rainbow Quran News : Info and Reviews Center

Assalamu'alaikum my brother and sister muslims and muslimah around the world, especially salam with many peace and love for Rainbow Quran Lovers from Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia, Khazakstan, Denmark, China, India, Turkey, Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Spain and Brazil also for you from other country cant mention one by one. We very apraciate for your visited in Long time we not update news and post about Rainbow Quran because we are try to make new concept about our website, we want something new different with other site. We will re-arrange and re-introduce about us. We want give a value when you visit our Quran Store.  Okey lets start to the point to re introduce whats new :

1.  Re Introduce

Please let me re-introduce about us. is official web store of Quran Rainbow Indonesia. We are Big Distributor of Rainbow Quran who selling Rainbow Quran for retail and wholesale with Cheap Price, Many Bonus and Big Discount. We provide worldwide order (overseas) and have experienced distributing Holy Quran Book to many country. We also suplied for private, islamic gift, charity, dowry, wedding and other needs of Quran. We provide Delivery to 220 Country with safety, Fast and Cheaper Shipping Cost with supported by Famous Global Courier Company. We have new tagline in delivery "Bring Rainbow Quran to Your Door".

2. New Concept

We want to transformation our site to be Info Center of Rainbow Quran who share All Information, Reviews, News, Videos, Update Stock, Bussines Proscpect, How to Sell, How to Maintanance, Development, How to buy, Where you can purchase in your country, Whats Courier Company who can provide cheaper price postage to your country, How To Memorizing, Hadith, and answer your question about Rainbow Quran. So we not only post for selling, we have try it in Indonesia and we are very statisfy with respons and feed back from our visitor. We have done some explore and we found thats how litle information about Rainbow Quran, so we will share it for you. We want to be Your Reffrence Partner. If you want have question, please contact Quran Rainbow Indonesia

3. New Spirit

To start new step, we will introduce new spirit in our site and company. We take new tagline "Spirit of Tilawah". Thats very suitable with our mission to make people more closed with Quran and increase spirit to Read Quran for muslim. This very important thing for muslims, because "Quran can be a bright light for you (guidence) on the world and will be intercessor (give syafaah) on Akhirat or Judgment Day. We will keep spirit campaigne this issue to the world. On the past, we only use our facebook page for campaigne but next with starting with saying "Bismillah", we will optimalized many sociall media like twitter, instagram, ink361, pinterest for this da'wah. As a people we are very weak, we need Allah's helps and we need your support. We give permited for you to share our post on you blogs or your sociall media account. We hope, May Allah give you best reward for that.

Before end this article may you want read History of Rainbow Quran or see other post on Rainbow Quran Worldwide. If you from other country which not use English Language, you can translate our post by google translate to your national languages. Jazakumullah khoiron katsiro, we said many thanks for your visited on our site, May Allah always guide us to keep spirit read and learn to read The Holy Quran in Arabic correctly althought is very difficult for us.

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