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Rainbow Quran - History of Rainbow Quran

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Rainbow Quran

 History Of Rainbow Quran

Assalamu'alaikum Rainbow Quran Lovers Around the world

This is our promised before to write a History of Rainbow Quran for you my brother and sister Rainbow Quran Lovers from any country around the world. May be you have knew about Rainbow Quran, but Do you know about history of Rainbow Quran???

Okey lets start it, we will start about called name of Rainbow Quran.

Rainbow Quran have many called name based country or nations, this is fiew name of Rainbow Quran
  • In Indonesia Rainbow Quran called Al Quran Pelangi
  • In Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei it called AlQuran Rainbow or Quran Rainbow
  • In UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa with use English Languages it called Rainbow Quran
  • In Netherland it called Rainbow Quran Kaufen, some called Rainbow Quran Bestellen
  • In Germany it called Regenbogen Quran, Regenbogen Koran, some called Rainbow Quran Kaufen.
  • Populer Worldwide called it Rainbow Quran or Quran Rainbow.
  • Other Called Koran Rainbow, Quran Rainbow, Holy Rainbow Quran, Holy Quran Rainbow, Rainbow Al Quran, Al Quran Rainbow
  • and many other, that list above is fiew example called name of Rainbow Quran. If you have advice for called name in your country you can contact Quran Rainbow Indonesia, we will update called name Rainbow Quran in your country.

What is Rainbow Quran?

Rainbow Quran is Holy Book Quran with colourfull pages with different colour in each juz. Arabic Text of Rainbow Quran is same with other Quran or Quran in your Home and Mosque, No Modificated for Arabic Text (Original). Different with other Quran is only on colour of pages, Other Quran colour pages only 1 colour (White), Rainbow Quran colour pages is colourfull with many colours each juz. Rainbow Quran have 30 Juz and 114 Surah with 15 lines. So dont worry about Rainbow Quran in Arabic Only, Before Produce Rainbow Quran in Arabic pass many tight controll from Publisher and will monitoring by Indonesia Muslim Department.

Why it called Rainbow Quran?

If you start open Rainbow Quran you will be surprise, you will see very beautifull Quran with colourfull page and different colour like Rainbow, its very beautifull. Thats Why Called Rainbow Quran or Holy Quran Rainbow.

Where Rainbow Quran has made?

Rainbow Quran is Made first time in Indonesia. Growth publishing of Rainbow Quran in Indonesia is very good, only 1 publisher in first time but now many publisher competition to make it.

How about Design of Rainbow Quran?

There is many design of Rainbow Quran but we will share design Rainbow Quran for Worldwide til at the time.  Rainbow Quran Worldwide is Made in Arabic Only Without Translate.
  • Rainbow Quran first Design it Called Rainbow Quran Karita or Rainbow Quran Classic Design or Rainbow Quran Original Design. Rainbow Quran Karita is First Design of Rainbow Quran was made or Pioneer of Rainbow Quran around the world. Rainbow Quran 1st Design published with 3 size : small (15x10 cm), medium (17x12 cm) and large (cm).Rainbow Quran Karita use Pakistani or Urdu Calligraphy. You can see more details of Rainbow Quran Karita

  • Rainbow Quran Second Design, it Called Rainbow Quran Falistya or Rainbow Quran New Design or Rainbow Quran Spined and in Malaysia it Called Rainbow Quran Falysta. But Populer Name is Rainbow Quran Falistya. Rainbow Quran 2nd Design published only for 1 size : 17x12 cm (medium). Rainbow Quran Falistya use Khat Madina with Rasm Uthmany, Very Beautifull, Clear and Neat for Calligraphy Arabic Text. You can see more detail of Rainbow Quran Falistya
  • All Design of Rainbow Quran for Worldwide Karita and Falistya is only published in Arabic Text Without Translate. 
Why Did not Published in Translate for Many Languanges?
Many Muslims and Muslimah from many country ask us about Rainbow Quran with Translation, from USA,UK, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and other country use English languages asked want to buy Rainbow Quran Translate in English. From Netherland (NL)  asked about want to buy Rainbow Quran translate in Holland. From France asked about want to buy Rainbow Quran translate in France, From Germany asked want to buy Rainbow Quran Translate in Germany. From Russia Federation asked about want to buy Rainbow Quran translate in Russian. From Middle Eastern or Arab Country asked about Rainbow Quran only in Arabic Text dont want Indonesian text inside the Quran. Hmmm,,,, we think hard about that and look for to solved that problem.

Main Problem Publish Rainbow Quran with Translation is about License/Standarize/Authorize, Because When we translate Quran it will very Sensitive and Big issued. For example for Rainbow Quran Translate in English,Who is Ulama/Syeikh/Imam Translate The Quran or Translate of  Arabic Text in Quran. What International Muslim Organization or Muslim Established will able to Check Result of Print the Holy Quran Book. We are very carrefully and serious about this issue because it can be fatal effect if there is wrong in translate, we must responsible about that not only in the world (Dunya) but akirat too when we back to Allah Azza wa Jallah. Thats why we very carrefully and Indonesian Muslim Departmen did same with us, they very carrefully about it because English is not Indonesian Languages.

How Lucky if you From South East Asia like Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand because you have not many different with Indonesian Languages so you can use Rainbow Quran/Al Quran Pelangi/Al Quran Rainbow dengan Terjemahan. And if you come from Midle Eastern or Arab because you dont need Translation.

But Dont Worry Rainbow Quran Lovers, that issue is in Quran Rainbow Indonesia Vision, Plan and Big Project. Insya Allah in future we will make Rainbow Quran Translation for Many Languages. We will try the best for muslims and muslimah to make easy in recitate the Holy Quran with Rainbow Quran Translation because Quran Rainbow Indonesia mission is distrbuting Rainbow Quran for muslim and muslimah around the world to make you more close with Quran and to increasing exited to read Holy Quran with Rainbow Quran. We Not Only think about bussines but how to distribute it for our brother and sister around the world and how to help increasing muslims prosperity, thats our different with other. If you ever contact us, you will know about that.

Oh ya, before close this post. we ask your help My Akhi dan Ukhtina fillah, Please help us with your Dua to make our vision and Big project realize, May Allah Azza wa Jallah Bless us and make all can be easier. And for last time, if you have suppose/advice about that please contact Quran Rainbow Indonesia Management Team  

Are You Looking for Rainbow Quran With English Translation, please click :
Rainbow Quran Englsih Translate

Peace and Love for you My Brother and Sister around The world 

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