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Minggu, 06 Juli 2014

Rainbow Quran Pelangi Large Size special Gift For Moms

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Price 160,000 idr ($16 USD)
Kode barang RQL- White
Ukuran 21x15 cm
Warna White
Bahan Simple velvet
Stok Ready stock

Rainbow Quran Large Size Special Gift for Moms or Lovely Parent

Speciall news from Rainbow Quran Indonesia for every muslims who loves Mother 

This is Rainbow Quran with large size, spesial present for lovely moms or parent. With large size make our lovely moms easier when read The Holy Quran, because size of Arabic text bigger than small size or medium size. There is several colours for Rainbow Quran Large Size.

We hope it can be specialls gift of present for our lovely moms or speciall gift for married.

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